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Exceptional Sets

Below are pictures of bagpipes that fit into the “exceptional” category. These would include pipes owned by top players, heads of state, war veterans and those with unique histories.

Pvt. James C. Richardson VC Pipes.

Jimmy Richardson's Henderson pipes.

This picture was taken when PM Roger McGuire first saw the pipes

MacLellan Pipes from Cape Breton

This set was made by Donald MacLellan of Cape Breton around 1850.

Clear Acrylic Pipes by Norman Kyle

Norm Kyle playing his Acrylic bagpipes, see his section in the Early makers for more info.

Full Silver Duncan MacDougall – Owned by Murray Blair

Check the Duncan MacDougall section for more pictures!

2 Responses to “Exceptional Sets”

  1. I remember those Kyle Acrylic bagpipes from the Santa Rosa Games. I remember him telling me that they took quite a bit of time to make since polishing the Acrylic to a clear state was a lot more work than turning blackwood.

  2. great i now know who made JAMES RICHARDSONS pipesi have been trying to find out for the past 2 years!

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