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Gillanders, Robert

Robert Gillanders Sr. started turning pipes for John Center in Edinburgh in the 1890′s, and when the Centers left for Australia in 1908, he went to work for the MacDougalls in Aberfeldy, then a few years later for the Thows in Dundee. His son Robert(Bert), worked with him for the Thows and eventually started his own business in 1926.  Bert had a son named Robert(Bob) who worked with him from the age of 10. The father and son continued making bagpipes, and in 1972 the firm became Gillanders and McLeod with the addition of Iain McLeod(PM of the Edinburgh Police PB). The shop continued making pipes until 2010.

Below is a full ivory mounted set from pre 1959, “R. Gillanders” stamped on several pieces.  The set belongs to, and is played regularly by Tyler Steinke of Grande Prairie, AB. Thanks to David McLean, also of Grande Prairie, AB for the pictures.

Gillanders pipes have beefy bells

Side profile of drone tops

Ring Caps

Note the very deep combing and beading on this blowpipe.

Maker's name stamped below top projecting mounts.

Bert Gillanders was a pro...

Name stamped in cord beads as well

This next set belongs to Wally Lewis of Comox, BC. It is a pre 1958 set stamped “R. Gillanders” in the cords grooves, however the silver was added later in 1967.

A very typical Gillanders bass bell

Good side profile of the bass shoulder

Tenor tops

1967 Edinburgh Hallmark

Flat bottoms on the stocks

Comparison of stocks. Left to right - 2011 McCallum, 2010 Dunbar, 1950's Gillanders

Below is a button mounted set from the 1970′s. The name Gillanders & McLeod” stamped in cord bead tells us they were made after 1972 when Ian McLeod joined the firm.

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  1. hi GORD iwas recently phoned by IAN MURRAY from FORFAR re an enquiry about the pipes he makes,during the conversation he told me that he can still supply allGILLANDERSmodels! also i received an e/mail from IAIN MCLEOD personally to inform me that they can be obtained from him still or direct from IAN MURRAY! i hofe this info helpsas some potential G&M purchasers get the impression they are no longer made!

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