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Early Makers

This section is dedicated to pipemakers of the past. Some have been purposely left out until pictures and information becomes available.  Use the drop-down menu to find a particular maker.

An unknown Edinburgh bagpipe

2 Responses to “Early Makers”

  1. Hey there,

    Not sure who is behind this site, but just thought I’d leave a quick comment to say that the pictures of the Duncan MacDougall full ivory set that you have in your Early Makers section are actually of my pipes. I’ve owned them since 1993 when they were bought for me by my father. Initially we thought that they were a set of J&R Glens, but subsequently discovered their true identity. A nice surprise!

    Needless to say – I won’t be parting with them any time soon!

    John Doyle.

  2. Thanks for the note John, looking forward to seeing more pictures of them!



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