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Robertson, James

If you had to sum the work of James Robertson up in one word, it would be consistency. Robertson drones produce a wonderful tone, and the quality of workmanship was top notch. There were a few identifying traits that stayed with Robertson pipes for the duration of their business(1908 Р1965). One was huge projecting  mounts.  Another was a flare on the shoulder of the drone. Also, the drone tops were slightly flared and very squared off.

Squared off fountain below the drone tops and a slight flaring in toward the ring cap were two traits of the Robertson bagpipe.

Whether they were blackwood, ivory or silver, Robertson made very thick chunky projecting mounts.

Note the thick chunky ivory projecting mounts on this set

Flaring up to a squared shoulder, as well as the double scribe line just below the shoulder were common Robertson characteristics.

A silver hallmark like this makes life a lot easier for the bagpipe ID'er....this one's from 1953

This next full ivory set belongs to Gordon Pollock of Duncan, BC

These huge mounts are Robertsons signature

How many elephants does it take to mount a Robertson bagpipe?? :)

This next silver and ivory set belongs to John Elliott of La Crosse WI.Hallmarked 1958.

Excellent shot of the Schreger lines on the ivory mounts. Compare to a set of 1940's Robertsons with Casein mounts below

Great shot of the repossed silver drone top.....gorgeous!

Robertson also produced a great chanter that was the standard for many pipe bands in the 40′s and 50′s.

The makers mark was stamped below the bowl, "J. Robertson Edinburgh"

4 Responses to “Robertson, James”

  1. what great pipes! i have played three in the past8 years, and i am negotiating a price for a comletely original set circa 1930 at this moment! iwill give further info as soon as i have copleted the purchase[full plain silver original parts immaculate left in shed for 6 years!]

  2. Did Robertson ever make pipes with normal sized wood projecting mounts? A friend says he just purchased William Sloan’s Robertson’s. Sloan was a founding and first president of the RSPBA. Anyone have any thoughts?

  3. I am in the tearful processs of selling my vintage set of Robertsons! After playing them off and on for about 55 years, it is a necessary but painful deed. My consolation is that the purchaser is a far superior piper than I ever was, and they will be played with love and expertise for years to come. I am aslo thrilled that they will be played close to my home, and possily at some of the very same locales and occasions as I had the privilege to play myself as a young piper. Doesn’t get any better than that for a romantic aging piper!

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