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Lawrie, R.G.

Robert G. Lawrie started making bagpipes in Glasgow in 1881, around the same time as Peter Henderson. Between 1881 and 1900,  there were many similarities between these two pipemakers. The consensus is that many of the wood turners in Glasgow moved back and forth between these two businesses, and that Lawrie himself may have worked for Hendersons for some time before going out on his own.

The set below is flat combed, chalice topped and was made in the late 50′s, early 60′s.

Catalin bushings give us an idea of the age.

Side profile of the tenor tops

Nickel ringcaps with catalin bushings

Button mount

A close-up of the cords beads and chalice top

This next set was made prior to WW1, and produces a magnificent tone!

Lawrie's distinctive closed nickel ferrule. Note the slight taper

This Lawrie is circa 1900. The beads on both projecting mounts are similar in size.

After 1908, John MacColl took over as manager of the Lawrie shop. Some slight changes were made at this point. The bead on the bottom projecting mount was made larger than the top mount.

The bell and fountain has a finer profile with a sweeping look to it.

Bells and fountains from post WW2 set.

Beaded, closed, tapered nickel ferrules were a Lawrie trademark look.

The tapered nickel ferrule compared to a standard straight cut one.

Lawrie stocks, beefy and tapered.

Another common Lawrie bagpipe is the flat combed style with blackwood projecting mounts and tapered nickel ferrules.

This set has unique thin ivory/celluloid ring caps. You will see many Lawrie sets with mix and match ringcaps and bushes

Flat combed Lawrie stocks with their distinctive tapered, closed, beaded nickel ferrules.

4 Responses to “Lawrie, R.G.”

  1. my 85 year old LAWRIESare my favourite set of all 7 that i own they were left to me in the willof an old GORDONSpiper i knew as a young piper in south london.he was my first tutor and when he passed on15 years ago his sister passed themon to me, they were played at EL ALMAINE!ithey are fullivory!

    • George G. Allan

      Sevan Sets! Sounds like a good name for a tune. Please share with us the details of your sets. Do you play pretty well? Where abouts do you live? I’d love to hear them!


  2. Just e mail me direct to allgeo8 @ aol .com

  3. Does anyone know when the scribe lines were dropped. The pictures above show no scribe line on the ferrules which I believe occured later on, but same size beads, which were early years.

    Can anyone explain this?

    Much thanks,

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