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Hutcheon, James

James Hutcheon made bagpipes in Edinburgh from 1887 to 1913.  James was listed as a turner for many years before he was officially listed as a bagpipe maker, is it possible he made pipes for another Edinburgh firm before going out on his own? I see some Glen similarities in his work….hmmm.

The full ivory and nickel/ivory sets below are courtesy of Phil Taylor of France.

Beautiful Cocuswood and Ivory near perfect condition

Makers name stamped on this chanter

The following pictures are courtesy of Yann Le Lan of France.

Full size Hutcheon bagpipe made from Indian Ebony

Good shot of the drone tops, note the double flare of the bass shoulder

Typical Edinburgh tops with flat bushes

Sapwood showing on the bass bottom joint, Note the shape of the stocks

This next set is a 3/4 size set in Cocuswood

Flat combing with button mounts. I have seen the triple scribe lines at the top of the button mount on several Hutcheon sets, was this a makers mark?

A great look at the drone tops

The triple ring again on the ringcap

And again on a stamped practice chanter

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