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Glen, David

David Glen,(son of Alexander), took over the Glen business in 1873 when his father died. David’s son(also David) joined him and the business ran until June of 1949 when all remaining stock was sold to J & R Glen.

This miniature set comes from Shahne B. of Australia -

Makers name stamped on chanter

Many David Glen sets are also stamped just below the ferrule of the bass drone stock

Very typical D. Glen profile

This picture shows you how small this set really is!

Thanks you to Barry Shears for the following pictures -

Full ivory mounted David Glen bagpipe, circa 1880. Note the beadless ferrules and ring caps typical of many Edinburgh makers

David was a master craftsman, exquisite profiles!!

This set if made from Cocuswood and produces a magnificent tone.

Nice close-up of the combing and beading.

Nickel set is post 1912 as they are marked "David Glen & Sons". The ivory set is pre 1900.

"David Glen & Sons, Edinburgh" stamped on the chanter.

Nickel with blackwood button mounts

A faint stamp is visible just below the nickel ferrule

Ivory set made around the turn of the 20th century.

Flat tops were commonly seen from Edinburgh makers.

Great comparison of two David Glen bass tops.... nearly identical and made 10 to 20 years apart.

Bass and tenor tops

Thanks to Pancelticpiper for the photo below -

This picture shows a good comparison, the middle tenor is an ebony Lawrie, others are cocuswood David Glen.

This old set comes to us from Craig McLernon of Australia. Craig did a beautiful restoration on them.

Before -

….and after -

2 Responses to “Glen, David”

  1. You should add the name of Mike MacHarg to your list of modern makers. He is in South Royalton, Vermont and has been in business for at least 40 years that I know about and he makes a really fine instrument by hand, one at a time. The business is called the Wee Piper and he is probably better known for his small pipes, but, has been making full size GHB’s and pipe chanters for many years.

  2. I was fortunate enough to have purchased the set shown above from Craig.

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