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Fraser, Duncan

Duncan Fraser made bagpipes in Greenock from 1871 to 1892.  There is evidence that Duncan was acquainted with Sandy Cameron, and Malcolm MacPherson(Calum Piobaire) who both live nearby.

Thanks to Craig McLernon of Western Australia for the following pictures -

These next pictures come to us from Jenni Stewart of Anchorage, Alaska.  She acquired this set from Dougie Forsyth a few years ago. From about 1870, they are ebony mounted with ivory and sound superb!

Drone Tops, the wide cord channel is notable

Great shot of the stocks

Bottom mounts and ferrule

Drone middles

A close-up of the bottom mounts

Ring caps and bushes

Complete set minus stocks

2 Responses to “Fraser, Duncan”

  1. I have just acquired a set of these pipes reputed to be over 140 years old. I have studied them in relation to the pictures posted in this web page and they are identical. Terrific sound from the drones but they very much favour straight cane reeds to the others. I would love to further chat with anyone whom has a similar pipe.

    • Hi

      I have had a set since 1977. Some wear. Stocks fragile and replaced. Nicest sound so long as cane reeds are used.

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