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David Naill and Co was founded in 1976 by Leslie Cowell. Formally apprenticed to H. Starck of London. It was not long before the Naill chanter was winning prizes at the highest level, demand was growing very fast, and Leslie was joined in 1980 by his son Martin. Over the last twenty three years, and using the experience gained whilst in the employment of such firms as Boosey and Hawkes, and Ruddall Carte etc. D Naill and Co have made every effort to modernize the way in which bagpipes, and Chanters are made.Consistency in production when one is dealing with higher levels of output require up to date methods.

David Naill has their own hallmark - "DN & Co". The date letter "a" tells us this set is from 2000

Tenor shoulders

Projecting mounts

Combing and beading

Nice shot of the bass top

Flaring shoulder is a Naill trait

This next set is form 1989

Very fine cord beads, unique to Naill pipes

Deep combing is reminiscent of Starck

Top projecting mount

Bottom projecting mount

Note how the combing stands out...and the shape of the shoulder

Tenor drone bell and cord bead

2 Responses to “Naill”

  1. These are later Naills. My mid-80s have very deep beads. They look almost identical to the pipes pictured under Henry Starcks. The early and later Naills have very distinct differences.

  2. I bought my first Naill in 1992, it’s a full silver set and was recommended then by Angus mc Donald when I was at the College of Piping, He told me;” If you can afford to buy such a pipe , then do it ! It will be an investment in your future as a piper ” .At this point in my life I wouldn’t be able to spend this money as due to a heavy motorcycle crash I lost my job, and most of my income.I also have a scottish smallpipe made by Naill in 1997, It has just been checked up by mr Les Cowell , who is still at work at the bagpipe factory. They have a tremendous good service, and did the work on the smallpipe as a service , still 15 years after buying it!!!. To me are both mr Cowell’s ( Les and his son Martin ) are real gentlemen , their word is enough when making a deal . In material way, my Naill’s are the most precious things I own, I,ve played them almost four times a week, in all kind of weather and circomstances.They were there when I met new people , and played when lost friends and family, they have never let me down!…even the plastic drone reeds which were made by mr Cowell 20 years ago are still working and never failed!! I also had a very simple Naill , no combing or projecting mounts , unfortunatly I had to sell this just after my crash and hospital bills where comming at my door….I still miss that pipe !!!

    All the best , good luck in life

    Pieter van Dreumel, Netherlands

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