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David Booth makes bagpipes in Scotland. He started working at Kintail from 1978 until 1991, then started his own company and continues to make pipes today.

A set from the later 1990′s, thanks to GC for the pictures.

Maker's name stamped on the chanter

Side profile of the shoulders, note the maker's name stamped below the cord beads.

Bass drone bell

Thanks to Ken Fitzpatrick for these next shots, his set was made in 2007

Makers name under the cord beads

Side shot of the drones

Shoulder and ferrule

Full set

Close-up of the ring cap and bushing

5 Responses to “Booth”

  1. Hi Gordon i promised to take some pics of my Booth pipes and email them to you, i shall do it today, cheers for now Ken

  2. does any member have the contact address /phone no/email of david booth please? these are great looking pipes i am considering buying a set ! what is thesound like? i would be great ful for any information! slainte pipe major JOHN ANDERSON HASTINGS EAST SUSSEX UK

    • lookind for the contact address /phone no/email of david booth.

      thanks for your help

      kurt from germany

    • Harold Hight

      John, are you still interested in a set of David’s pipes? I know of a set for sale. I have asked around but have not been able to find out anything on David’s whereabouts or doings. Harold, OHIO – USA

  3. William P. Mac Aindriú

    I have a set of Booth pipes I think from 1992 or 93, I take good care of my pipes and everyone is always saying how they look brand new. I switch the original polypenco chanter for a Niall ABW, they sound great.

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