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From their website -

Inveran has always been a major player in the bagpipe makers’ list of top-quality craftsmanship and that tradition continues on today, particularly in the east of Scotland.

Inveran’s founder, Jimmy Tweedie, was a master craftsman, handcrafting bagpipes for some of the most famous pipers all over the world. Jimmy’s success was attributed to his dedication in perfecting the “Stradivarius of the bagpipe”, and ensuring that every instrument that left his traditional workshop was of the highest quality.

Jimmy passed on his art to two young apprentices, Brian Donaldson and Craig Scott, ensuring that they would continue in traditional bagpipe making to the present day.

Sadly, Jimmy is no longer with us, but his love of and dedication to producing the finest quality instrument continues today under the watchful eye of one of those apprentices, Inveran’s director Pipe Major Brian Donaldson, joined by Inveran’s partner Martin MacBeath, in its current premises in the burgh of Auchtermuchty, kingdom of Fife.

Here is a statement from Inveran’s Brian Donaldson -

“The business was originally set up and run by Jimmy Tweedie in 1970, Jimmy had spent a lot of time after the war working for both William Sinclair and Hugh MacPhersons prior to branching out on his own.

I came along in 1972 and started my apprenticeship under Jimmy, who taught me all there was to know about Bagpipe Making using the traditional methods, as we still use today in our workshop.
I worked for Jimmy for 4/5 years before enlisting in the Scots Guards, and after 22 years service came full circle back into Bagpipe Making, I bought the Business and have been running it since 2000.
The Business was originally set up in Stockbridge Edinburgh, and after a few other moves around the city, I eventually moved it to Auchtermuchty Fife, where it remains today.
The Tweedie Bagpipes were only ever stamped on the chanter, but they are quite distinguishable, not unlike Sinclair Bagpipes, by the 24 teeth per inch combing used, also the full imitation ivory ring-caps, also Sinclair omitted to put a bead on the top mounts latterly, where Jimmy always did.
Since taking over the Business, I have redesigned the Bagpipes completely, using a 26 teeth per inch comb on all the instruments, some of them are also stamped in the cord holder, (not all) as requested from the customers, however the design of the Bagpipe is very sleek with a nice elegant shape, pleasing to the eye, which can only be obtained through the hand turning process.
We do the full ring-cap or indeed the ring-cap and bush style of caps on our Bagpipes.
Our chanters are stamped either Inveran, or indeed Donaldson Master.”

Side profile of the Inveran 2A

Side profile of the #5 set with silver and imitation ivory.

Great side profile shot of the bass drone top

Beautiful Runic engraving on the chanter sole of a #5 set

Tenor drone

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  1. Stunning pipes, and an absolute joy to play, Brian and Martin are exquisite craftsmen, creating the finest pipes known to man.

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