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Jerry started piping at the age of 12 in the UK. He was taught by Pipe Major Ian Laidlaw of the famed Black Watch Regiment until he joined the Seaforth Highlanders in Invernesshire, Scotland.
At the young age of 18, he was tutored by P/M Donald MacLeod at Fort George regimental Seaforth Depot and was then taught by P/M William MacLeod of the 1st Battalion in Gibraltar where he served as Depot Piper in 1957.
Jerry then returned to Fort George to again study under the direction of P/M Donald Macleod. He then emigrated to Canada in 1959 where he played with such bands as the famed City of Toronto Grade 1 PB under P/M Chris Anderson. Also Jerry played with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlander regiment under P/M George Sherriff.  Upon emigrating to the USA, Jerry found himself involved with the North Coast Pipe Band and served with the band from the time they were in Grade 4 until they were well into Grade 2..

Jerry became a mechanical design engineer working for some of the most prestigious companies in the USA such as General Electric, Picker X Ray, Ohio Nuclear and others. He became a design, manufacturing and consulting engineer and traveled frequently to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. During this time Jerry obtained several US mechanical patents for these respective companies

Jerry had the opportunity to play in some high caliber bands which helped him to develop an ear for good tone. You have to be exposed to good sounding pipes on a regular basis to hear the sound you are aiming to produce as a pipe maker. Jerry’s long history in pipe bands and extensive engineering capabilities has given him an advantage in designing some of the best sounding bagpipe products available today. With this experience, it has allowed him to produce some of the most innovative, precision quality products that are available for the today’s pipers and pipe bands.
Jerry’s other innovative designs include 15 industrial patents worldwide. It is fortunate that he has decided to turn his talents to producing one of the world’s best sounding modern-day bagpipes and other instruments such as the Fireside small pipes

Thanks to PM Mel Wilson for allowing me to photograph his Gibson pipes -

Jerry Gibson with one of his precision lathes.

Profile of Gibson tenor drones, a very unique bell

Gibson cord beads are distinctive

Stainless slide and ferrule, side view of the projecting mount

Tenor drone tops....they have a MacDougallish look to them

You can see the beautiful grain of African Blackwood on this bass drone top

A look at the combing and beading, and shoulder

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