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Tim Gellaitry is one of  the few remaining Bagpipe Makers who still turn bagpipes free-hand using only hand held tools.
In a world of C.N.C machines and profile cutters, Tim refuses to yield in his belief, that to produce a special instrument that will give the piper something truly original,it must be done by hand.
He can turn traditional style or if wanted a unique design for the individual customer.
There is one process he uses that has changed.Gun drills are used to bore his pipes.They give a very good finish straight from the tool.
Joining Wm Sinclair & son straight from school his learning journey began.Years of roughing,shaping,combing,beading and finishing all by hand has given him the ability to make superb instruments.
One big advantage of hand turning is in the controlled way in which measured amounts of wood are turned off each piece.This allows the wood to distress which greatly reduces the chances of warping and splitting.
Tim uses his fingers a great deal when turning a piece,calipers are use for important measuring,along with his sight he uses touch to feel for the desired shape.His fingers can pick up the flow of the shape and can detect any indentations especially when combing and beading.
Tim makes Highland pipes under his own name Gellaitry Bagpipes. Using mainly organic materials in his designs, he produces an outstanding bagpipe visually.He has developed  a beautiful tone that gives the piper the opportunity to own a classic looking and sounding bagpipe.
More and more pipers are discovering Tim’s bagpipes. As his reputation grows he still finds time to talk customers through their purchase and will answer questions personally.
Tim passionately believes that his pipes are a beautifully made instrument that will turn into a treasured family heirloom giving pleasure to succeeding generations.

One word describes Tim Gellaitry's work...."perfect"! This set mounted with boxwood is superb, profiles are reminiscent of Sinclair bagpipes.

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