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Cameron, John C.

Dundee pipemaker John Cameron ran his shop in the mid 1800′s. Several sets of his pipes have recently surfaced and most are still being played today.

The set below belongs to David Webster of Scotland.  Many thanks to him for sharing his vintage set!

Here is a bit of info in them -

Hi again Gordon,
As promised here are some details and photos of my J C Cameron of Dundee bagpipe.
The bagpipe came to me through my father who inherited them on the death of my grandfather. My grand father was given them as a boy in the early 1920″s and owned and played them all his days.
I believe they were purchased second hand for him by his father ( my great grandfather).
Having read Jeanie Campbell’s “Highland Bagpipe Makers” book, maybe 12 years or so ago in which there is a brief mention about John Cameron of Dundee and a bagpipe mounted in horn (but no picture). I contacted her to tell her I was in possession of a bagpipe mounted in horn and stamped on the bass drone with the maker J C Cameron Dundee.
I took the bagpipe to her at the college of piping in Glasgow where she examined it and informed me that it was indeed by the a fore mentioned John Cameron of Dundee and dated some where between 1820 to 1850. I was given a letter of authenticity and insurance valuation from her at this time.
The bagpipe has had some repairs over the years, some old repairs and some during my grandfathers owner ship. Some if not all the repairs are to the bone mounts/ferrules. The newer repairs to 2 of the mounts were turned from sperm whale tooth by my grandfather who was an engineer/turner to trade back in the 40′s or 50′s.
The wood on the bagpipe drones and stocks has survived remarkably well and apart from a bit of damage to the top of the bass drone there are no cracks or splits. The chanter pictured with the bagpipe is contemporary to them but not by Cameron of Dundee. These pipes are playable and have a beautiful deep/rich tone to them. To my shame I last played them at a ceilidh for my sisters 40th birthday nearly 8 years ago but as a wet blower I am afraid that I could damage them :-( .
As I live 1/2 hrs drive from Dundee the bagpipe is still local to where they were made.
Kind regards David Webster
Ps since my visit to see Jeannie Campbell back in the early 2000 where she thought the bagpipe maybe the only surviving complete set I have learned of at least 2 other sets. 1 in France and 1 which was sold in January of this year in the USA.”

Nice shot of a bottom projecting mount

"J C Cameron Dundee" stamped on the bass drone stock. Hats off to John Cameron for stamping his pipes!!

The following photos are courtesy of Bill Millman of Canada.

"J. C. Cameron Dundee" stamped on the stock just below the ferrule

A look at the "Dundee" stamped on the stock

Nice shot of the drone tops.

160 - 175 - yr old Horn in really good shape!!

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