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Back in those early days of 1966 Bob Shepherd began manufacturing bagpipe reeds for solo pipers and pipe bands.  Very quickly he built up a reputation for supplying quality reeds and began to receive requests to supply his reeds overseas.

In 1984 Bob’s son Douglas left his job as an engineer to join his father and the business as it’s known today, RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd was founded with the first priority of designing and producing a pipe chanter which offered flexibility and stability benefiting any modern day piper. The first “Shepherd Chanter” became a reality very quickly and it was an instant success.  Its recognition by many of the top pipe bands and players world-wide created the demand for more products which could benefit them, this constant innovation of quality piping products to solve age old problems has been at the heart of RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd business ethics since 1984.

Where RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd lead, others follow.  Just some of our landmarks over the years include:

Shepherd Pipe Chanter – 1984
All Plastic Drone Reed – 1992
Consultant to W.L. Gore, The Canmore® Pipe Bag, the worlds first synthetic bag – 1987
Shepherd Scottish Smallpipe – 1990
Tone Enhancers – 2000
Shepherd Highland Musette – 2003
All New Shepherd Highland Musette – 2006

From this initial start up, RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd now employs 12 people and operates from custom build premises in Cardenden, Fife where they are exporting to more than 38 countries across the globe.

Over the years RT Shepherd and Son (Scotland) Ltd product have been and continue to be the predominant choice amongst the worlds top pipe bands and soloists.

Full imitation ivory set from 1998

Raised bushes with a fairly small diameter.

Bass shoulder, unique design to Shepherd pipes

Tenor tops, bells and cord beads

Bass top. Shepherds have a smaller bore than many bagpipes.

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