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Roddy MacLellan started MacLellan Bagpipes in 1988 and operates out of Summerville South Carolina in the United States. The internal design of his pipes was taken from an 1880 Henderson bagpipe his grandfather owned in North Uist, Scotland. The unique outer profiles are his own design and the company offers dozens of different mounting and style options. Roddy stamps his name on the drone tops, just below the cord bead. Here is a snipet from the company web site –

“MacLellan bagpipes has followed this philosophy since it’s beginning in 1988. Over the years we have gradually established a solid reputation for rich, warm & stable tone, created with incredible craftsmanship, and instruments of unparalleled beauty.

Our research has enabled us to stay true to the sound created by late 19th century pipe-makers in Scotland. We have captured that warm broad mellow tone, producing an instrument that is stable and easy to tune even at today’s higher pitches.

MacLellan bagpipes have been thoroughly tested by top level players throughout the world, including Roddy MacLeod & the late PM Angus MacDonald of the piping Centre in Glasgow. ”

Full Silver set with Victorian engraving.

This set has imitation horn mounts and bronze/silver ferrules.

Side profile of Roddy's Classic design, maker's name stamped just below cord beads.

Another shot of the drone tops.

Bronze drone caps, pinned into place.

Bronze ferrules and caps, imitation horn bushes and button mounts and sterling silver St Andrew's Cross rings....a work of art!

3 Responses to “MacLellan”

  1. Roddy started out as a silversmith for Tiffany’s, and made bagpipes as a hobby. His original shop was in Lakewood, NJ; he moved it (and himself) to South Carolina a few years ago. I believe he does all of his own silver, since he is a trained silversmith.

  2. Roddy has recently moved his business to Monroe, North Carolina near the city of Charlotte.

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