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Fairbairn, Brendon

Brendon is a 5th generation Southlander with strong Scottish ancestry. As well as being an A grade Solo Piper, he is also an accomplished Harmonica player. Taught by Ron Milne of Kennington, he has played at the world Pipe Band champs and Edinburgh military Tatoo with the City of Invercargill Caledonian Pipe Band. He has written a number of tunes, not only for the Great Highland Bagpipe, but also for his folk band ‘Run the Cutter” (Finalists in the 2001 Tui Awards). Many of these tunes were featured in the Matara Kilties Pipe Band Centennial CD “Moments in Time”, a band that he has been Pipe Major of, and currently fills the role of musical director for.

Coming from a trades background has placed him in good steed for the challenges of Bagpipe making & restoration. Mentoring from Jack Phillips of Auckland, Brendon has been working towards the establishment of The New Zealand Bagpipe Company since 2001.

Below is a set Brendon made with nickel and Greenstone. His sets have the internal dimensions based on a 1912 set of Hendersons.

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  1. Brendon, your nickel and greenstone pipes look beautiful! Evident, in the photographs, is the restrained dignity of a better aesthetic expression of a thoughtful craftsman. I well favour the internal dimensions of the 1912 or earlier Hendersons, for such seem to lend themselves pleasingly to the lower pitches, to which I am most partial, for piobaireachd and slow airs. A more mellow tone than modern band-pitch preferences, and even though I am compelled to choose quieter reeds, such pitches of drones, and of chanters (arount 440?), appeal to my ears and audio-aesthetics anyway. All blessings through 2012.

    Leo Hylton-Slater, Motueka, returning bit by bit to piping after decades of asthma.

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