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Pearce, Robert (GlenAlan Bagpipes)

Robert Pearce has been an avid piper since the age of ten. He has become one of New South Wales’ most successful solo pipers. He is also Pipe Major of the Northern Suburbs Pipe Band.

Although Robert’s profession was teaching, during his early days he worked as a machinist making equipment for the mining industry. He also tested bagpipes for James (Jimmy) Martin who emigrated to Australia from Edinburgh where he was foreman to the bagpipe-maker James Robertson. Robert learned the craft of bagpipe making by closely observing Jimmy’s skills and techniques.

At 17 he was taught to make leather pipe bags and cane drone reeds by his principal piping tutor, Ray Anderson and had made his first set of pipes by the age of 20. He continued to make leather bags, practice chanters and complete sets of pipes as well as doing repairs and maintenance on a part-time basis until he resigned from the Department of School Education in 2000 to follow his passion for making the Great Highland Bagpipe.

Robert uses top quality African Blackwood and Alternative Ivory. He takes pride in his craftsmanship and the GlenAlan bagpipes he makes are recognized for their superior quality sound and finish.

Robert can be contacted through his web site at

 Below is a set mounted with nickel and imitation ivory

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