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Logan, Alan

The following is from Burt Stodgill of Kentucky -

Alan’s shop was at 25 Grant Street, Inverness for several years, I know until 1996 when he had moved. Alan is quite a character. He is retired but still makes the occasional small pipe or Uilleann pipe. As far as his history, I know he told me he had been in the Scots Guards under P.M. Angus MacDonald, and he told me that he had worked at some point at Gillanders” shop under Bert Gillanders, with no mention of the shop being Gillanders and MacLeod. He also had a set of plain silver and Ivory Hendersons that were his personal set and almost all of the GHB’s he made looked like this set, with plain nickel or silver slides, ferrules and caps and imitation ivory projecting mounts. He made half sized, 3/4 sized and full sized GHB’s, and Uilleann pipes, and Scottish smallpipes as well. He also made a lovely practice chanter for me as well. I don’t think he had a tremendous output, but the sound from the drones is full and harmonious. Very Henderson-like. He did have an apprentice for a while, but I don’t know his name, or how long he worked with Alan. He was very much a perfectionist. I have also read that he kind of had a little bit of a “fly by the seat of your pants” approach, not doing much measuring, but saying “it just looks right.” As a result, I’ve read that some of his drones were a little hit and miss. Mine are a hit.

Drones by Alan Logan, made in 1990.

Great profile of the projecting mount.

Close up of the tenor shoulder, combing and beading

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Drone top and ringcap

Closed ferrule, tuning slide and projecting mount


"A. Logan" stamped below the cord bead

2 Responses to “Logan, Alan”

  1. lars erik norstedt

    Hi, I had Alan Logan as P/M for 7 years from
    1976 when he lived in Sweden.
    Tremendous caracter and the best teacher I’we had!!
    Taugjt us everything about piping, pottery and Scotland!
    He started his pipemaking here in 1981
    and after that made pipes here before
    returning to Scotland about 1990.
    Proud to have known him.
    My wife has a brass and imt. ivory pipe much like the
    one on the pic.s


    • kiwi piper

      Do you know where he lives now

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