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Fisher Bagpipes handcrafts the finest selection of bagpipes from the highest quality materials.  We make great highland bagpipes, Scottish small pipes, custom wood practice chanters and bellows.  We handcraft from the highest quality Burmese Blackwood, Cocobolo, African Blackwood, ebony with projecting mounts made out of imitation ivory, Canadian hard maple, blackwood,  or any wood of the customers choosing along with engraved silver, aluminum or stainless steel mounts.  We also do repairs, maintenance, restorations, refits, and make replacement parts.  We pride ourselves in attention to fine detail, expert quality workmanship and superior sound.

Music is in Wayne Fisher’s blood.  As an avid musician who not only teaches music but plays the guitar, fiddle and tin whistle he picked up the bagpipes in 1998 and has not put them down since.  Maybe it is his Scottish heritage but he has always been a piper at heart and is currently the Pipe Major for the Forest Legion Pipe Band.

With a commensurate love of wood working he decided to merge the two passions into one and with that marriage Fisher Bagpipes was born.

When it comes to crafting high quality bagpipes Wayne states with passion: “It’s all for the love of the pipes.  It requires an inate ability to craft from nothing a beautiful work of art.”

A beautiful set made from Burmese Blackwood with moose antler mounts and engraved aluminum ferrules, slides and caps

Look at that wood! WOW!

The triple scribe line just below the shoulder is Wayne Fisher's mark.

A Cocobolo set made by Fisher

Close-up of the hand engraved aluminum mounts

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