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Here is a snipet from Dunfion -

“Craftsman Henry Murdo, working in the traditional way on the Isle of Arran, Scotland, has produced a bagpipe of superb tonal quality, giving that excellent balanced sound every piper and connoisseur of bagpipe music is looking for.

Years of development and testing by Henry, combined with the knowledge and experience of renowned piper Angus J MacLellan(double Gold Medalist – ex-Strathclyde Police) – have gone into the production of this instrument.

Dunfion bagpipes can be identified a few ways. One, by the brass insert in the drone sections and by the curved bell at the top of the drones. Any pipes with carving on them will most likely be Henry’s work.”

Dunfion offers the unique service of carving the blackwood on the drones.

Brass insert inside the drone

A drone section being hand-carved

Detail of combing and beading.

2 Responses to “Dunfion”

  1. I collect sets of pipes and enjoy playing them all. My recent aquisition is a set of Dunfions as pictured above. I had a few problems getting the chanter matched with the right reed so I shipped it back to Henry Murdo, who’s product support is matched by no one I have ever done business with. It is an absolute pleasure and privilage to own such a well crafted, mellow sounding set of pipes with rock steady drone tuning. The brass inserts, custom carving and rich finish are remarkable for pipes in this price range. The Dunfions have become my favorite pipes for every day use.

  2. Christopher McLeod

    I have a Dunfion African Blackwood chanter which I use for solo work. It is easy to play and tunes perfectly with my Kintail of my McCallum pipes.

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