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Yet To Be ID’d

The following sets have not been identified. Take a look and see what you think -

Colin Graham from New Zealand is trying to figure out what the following set is….

Ebonised Rosewood??

This set comes to us from Wayne Fisher of Ontario, Canada.He originally bought them as Lawries, however he suspects they may be Centers or even Gillanders.

The set below comes from Anton Lundahl of Sweden.

One Response to “Yet To Be ID’d”

  1. The first set, by Colin Graham of NZ, has nickel ferrules just like a button mounted set I own. Those ferrules are very distinctive and I think diagnostic of a particular maker. They are very narrow, only about 3/4 tall, made from very thin metal. The bead is rolled into place. On my set, the inside surface of each ferrule is textured with an engraving tool to push up little burrs or hooks to help grab the wood underneath. I think that Colin has identified his set as a Matheson Special, but I’d like to hear more about.



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